Monday, October 17, 2016

When preparing for the tea I frosted the cupcakes.  I also made the tea, and we had camomile.  We had a very busy time all week making and preparing for everything.  Although at the end we had a good time talking to mrs. Hummel

Thursday, September 29, 2016

knife skills and stir fry

Whenever you hold a chef's knife, you need to hold it in a pinch grip and cut at a 45 degree angle.  Whenever you do this it makes, for example, carrots makes it have a bigger surface area so it would cook faster.  Mrs. Carlin gave us carrots so that we could practice cutting them.  This is very helpful during our stir fry lab.  We had to cut up vegetables using this technique.    

Friday, September 23, 2016

muffin and scones lab

During the muffin lab I helped clean up after we were done cooking.  It was real cool to see the muffins rise in the oven.  During the scone lab Nate blew up he butter and it was really funny.  Our scones ended out purple because we put the berries into early.  We also didn't cut the scones by accident.  To make the muffins we needed to make a well with the dry ingredients and then pour the liquid ingredients into it and  during the scones lab we did the same thing.  

Friday, September 16, 2016

pancake lab

During the pancake lab I washed the dishes.  To help make pancakes, I flipped them when they were ready to be flipped. Next time I would like to make more pancakes, because the were really good.  My clean up job was washing the dishes and I did it thoroughly in order to get every spot of f of the equipment.  During the lab I was the head chef and I thought it was fun to be in charge  

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Giver Thing??

In my opinion,I like the Giver book and movie the same.  The movie moves so fast paced and it leaves out a lot of important information.  Instead it added different things like mentioning the ruins.  This kind of spoils it for us, because right away it tells you that something bad has happened in the past and that's why the community was built.  I would much rather have to wonder why it happened along the story and figure it out with Jonas.
Although, the movie does add a villain into it.  The villain is the Chief Elder.  I like this because it adds another conflict to the whole storyline.  She is trying to stop Jonas in the act of getting to elsewhere.  She also tells Asher to pilot the drone that will find him trying to escape.  This is a very big change, because he will se Jonas in elsewhere.  Although he helps Jonas escape and disobeys the Chief Elder.
In the movie Asher isn't the only one who helps Jonas.  Fiona also helps him by getting Gabe. Jonas also tells her that the community is bad, and she should stop taking the pills.  Of Course she does this, and she sees that something wrong in the community.  I like this part in the movie because, it's not just Jonas and the Giver who know what's wrong, but it adds another team member to their rebellion against the community.
Another major change was that, in the book it added to Jonas’ rules that he could not request for release.  Although in the movie he can.  This is a major change because, if Jonas feels to sad and that he can't move on from a memory he could ask for release.  This is just like what happened to Rosemary after she got war.   

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Jonas and Gabe have almost made the traitorous journey to elsewhere, but elsewhere isn't what it seemed.  Its like the community was just like a hidden place away from the real society because Jonas and Gabe find civilization at the end of their journey.  Although Jonas might be hallucinating it, he may just be seeing one of the memories, but he doesn't know it.  Why did the book and like it did, what will Jonas do from here on out, and what has happened to the community after Jonas has left.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The Giver tells Jonas the tragic story of Rosemary and how she had left his quarters after training and did not go to her dwelling.  Instead she went to the Chief Elder and requested for release!  The Giver was very, very sad after this.  I think that she did this because of all of the bad memories that the Giver gave her, made her give-up on life.  She didn't want the pain anymore.  But what does being released mean?  It said that she requested for release, and then all of the memories that she had gotten went to the people.  So does that mean she died? So do you die when you are released